Instruments Care

February 5, 2014

Guidelines for handling instruments during cleaning, sterilizing and storage:-


A – Water Cleaning:
Submerge instruments into a solution of water and neutral pH (7) detergent.
Do not use water cleaning method for instruments made of Carbon steel. Only stainless steel and semi stainless steel made instruments are recommended cleaning in water. If there is no other option, apply oily lubricant on surface after cleaning in order to save the surface from corrosion and store in dry place.

B – Ultrasonic Cleaning:
Place instruments in open position into the ultrasonic cleaner (make sure to expose the joints and unreachable areas completely or as best as you can). During cleaning sharp instruments like Scissors, Shears, Razors, Cutters, etc. make sure that blades do not touch other instruments.

All instruments need to be fully submerged in ultrasonic solution. Instruments should be processed in the ultrasonic cleaner for the full recommended cycle time (refer to manufacturers recommended cycle time), usually 5 to 10 minutes. The lid cover of ultrasonic unit should cover the machine during operation to avoid splashing. Change the solution weekly – or as often as ultrasonic solution manufacturer recommends.

Do not clean sharp cutting instruments (with razor sharp edges) in ultrasonic solution. The hot burning solution will possibly damage the razor sharp cutting edge, and the instruments need re-sharpening. If ultrasonic cleaning is necessary, the instruments may need re-sharpening for optimum performance.

C – Automatic Washers:
Please follow manufacturers’ recommendations.

I. Rinsing:
Immediately after surgery, rinse instruments under Luke warm, not hot, running water. Rinsing should remove most blood, body fluids and tissues.

II. Disinfecting:
a – Avoid blood and other proteins from sticking on to instrument surfaces, an enzymatic cleaner bath or soak should be used on all instruments. After soaking for a minimum of 10 minutes, rinse instruments under running tap water.
b – Immerse instruments completely in an EPA approved disinfectant for another 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Then rinse again.
c – Neverexpose stainless steel or any other type of instruments to bleach or other corrosive chemicals for the purposes of disinfection. Exposure to bleach will result in severe pitting of your instruments and will void all manufactures’ warranties. Read more




Difference between “Titanium Made” instruments and “Titanium colour coated” instruments

A lot of customers have contacted us and asked about the prices of our collection of Titanium Made instruments, most of the customers were new or have a very little knowledge about the instruments industry.  And when we quoted the prices, they were surprised and argued that you are charging more than necessary. We had to explained them why we are charging more than normal and upon receiving the explanation, some of them understood, most of them got confused, because either they were new bees or have never been explained with these details before.

We found that there are very few people who fully acknowledge the worth of real  Titanium made instruments, and most of people do not know the actual difference between Titanium and Steel. They have no idea how instruments manufacturing industry works. They see deceitful suppliers misrepresenting the facts and luring the buyers into their tricks.

The difference between “Titanium Made Instruments” and “Titanium coloured or coated instruments” is huge. There are only a handful number of manufacturers who actually have the ability and technical know how to produce instruments from real Titanium. A lot of misleading manufacturers are producing instruments from ordinary steel, coating these with decorative Plasma colour coating (also know as Titanium Plasma colour coating) and presenting these as real Titanium Instruments, just because these fake products have a fraction of Titanium chemical used on them in order to construct and strengthen a micro millimeter thick layer of desired colour coating. These fake instruments are presented to customers as real Titanium instruments and the customer never know the truth unless they enters into the market to sell these to qualified wholesalers, brands or end users. They immediately recognize the fakery and reject the product.

As the first step, a well informed individual can easily analyze the cost difference between real and fake Titanium instruments just by comparing the prices of the raw materials. — Price of a genuine Titanium alloy sheet in international market is around US$ 98 per kg (give or take US$ 20 depending on regional prices), and a industrial standard good quality Steel Sheet price is from US$ 5 to US$ 25 (give or take US$ 4 depending on regional prices). —– So, in view of this comparison we can evaluate what cost will be of a real Titanium made instrument and one which is made from simple good quality Steel. —– Let us explain it a bit more. Suppose there is a Tweezers / Micro Forceps, one is made from Titanium and other is made from Steel and coated with fancy Titanium colouring. The real Titanium Made Tweezers will cost about US$ 25, whereas the good quality Steel made Tweezers will cost about US$ 1.50. So the difference is huge. But the use of these both items will be different which will justify its cost. You can not use Steel Made Tweezers at the place where a real Titanium Made Tweezers is needed.

For example, during a sensitive laboratory experiment, a technician is dealing with extreme heat and radiation, he can not use ordinary steel made tweezers, because it will be effected by the heat, plus it will absorb a lot of radiation in it, which can cause serious health problems when exposed to normal environment. Here, the technician will be required a real Titanium Made Tweezers, so that it can bear the heat and will not absorb lethal radiations, and eventually will be safe to carry around and to use multiple times.

Titanium has many characteristics which make it superior to other metals / alloys. Such as:-

1- Titanium is 33% lighter in weight than Steel.
2- It is 100% Stain and Corrosion Free.
3- It is 5 times tougher than Steel.
4- It does not absorb Radiation.
5- Titanium is Bacteria Repulsive.
6- Titanium is non magnetic.
7- Instruments made from Titanium have longer operations life as compare to any other metal.

See our collection of Titanium Instruments

We suggest to everybody that please educate yourself thoroughly and beware of fake and mimicry products.


We have been asked this question many times, because our business name has the word "Trader" in it, some customers mistakenly consider us similar to trading companies, which is not correct. A person who is doing business from some good time can understand this, but for new bees or beginners, an explanation is needed:-

We are a manufacturing company. We started our exports in year 2005, before that we use to manufacture the instruments and supply locally to other companies. We are basic manufacturer of these instruments and we have multiple productions lines.

In Pakistan, there are no hard rules regarding choosing the name of an enterprise. Government provides freedom to choose business names as convenient, unless it does not conflict with any already registered brand or trademark. You may even find the proprietary owned businesses with names like "Name International" and "Name Incorporated", which are certainly misleading terms.

As a positive aspect, having the word “Traders” in company name automatically provide the impression that a company may well run multiple businesses under the umbrella of the same company.

Many countries, including UK laws have this provision that a company can have such a name including the word Trader in it. All they need to make sure it that their name must not conflict with any pre registered business, brand or trademark. And the second thing must be considered is that if a company is running multiple business under one trading company, they must mention the name of mother company in all places of reference. For example, if ABC Trading is also trading as XYZ, then they must make it clear at their premises, paperwork and websites displaying, “ABC Trading as XYZ“, or as “A Product by ABC Trading”, etc.

In order to confirm these facts, please contact the Trade Development Department of Pakistan.

As general evaluation, if a company is a manufacturing firm, they will manufacture any kind of product as per buyers specifications, including necessary changing is their existing products. Whereas, a sole trading company will always hesitate to make something new, and try to avoid committing on any change in the existing products / designs. They will insist on selling pre designed items and already stocked products.


Orthodontic Pliers

April 16, 2012

Orthodontic Pliers
As always, this year we have launched a new product’s collection. The Orthodontic Pliers. These are made of quality Steel, with Carbide Tips both for Cutting Pliers and Gripping Pliers. Our prices are very reasonable and the good news is that we also accept OEM orders. For those who don’t know OEM, it means, that we provide private logo / trade mark printing on the products. Contact our Sales team for further details.

Happy Spring Sales:
These first months of every year are the best time to place orders. It has sound positive effects on business progress during summer and throughout the year till Christmas. Therefore, we have started couple of Discount Offers on wholesale orders for all customers. Please contact our Sales department for further details. We’ll be very delighted to explain you the details.

Best Selling Scissors:
There are few models of Scissors which are very popular in all kind of customers. Most possibly because these items are simple, traditional and hairstylist are quite use to these. We are providing nice discounts on these items. Such items are, MT-100-01, MT-200-03, MT-200-05, MT-EC-01, etc.


Happy Autumn Sales

September 21, 2011

We welcome all our customers to place orders in this Autumn. The Christmas sales season is near and it is the time to make the orders ready for timely delivery. The quicker is better.

As you may know that along with the manufacturing of Scissors and other regular beauty products, we are also introducing new kind of beauty instruments which have never been produced before or produced with very limited exposure, such as Titanium Cuticle Nippers. When we talk about Titanium Nippers, please don’t confuse it with Titanium Color Coated Nippers, which is a very simple thing. Whereas, our ‘Titanium Cuticle Nippers’ are genuine Titanium Alloy made product, exactly the same Titanium alloy which is used in the Sea Ships or Airplane parts. There are many advantages of having instruments made from real Titanium, such as, Titanium is 100% free from all kind of corrosions, even in Sea Water, etc. Please visit our website to read more details.

We are very much focusing on the production of new and complex Surgical and Medical devices. The items that we already have in our collection are Titanium made Clamps, Forceps, Scalars and Tweezers (These items are also available in Stainless Steel, J2 and J2 steel). Soon, we are going to introduce some new and more complex medical devices, made from J1 Steel. These items are used very rarely, but their use is very critical and crucial, hence made them expensive. We’re making sure that we’ll provide these on very affordable price range. Please subscribe for updates with us, if you like to be informed.

Always looking forward to your feedback and suggestion. Thanks.


Happy Spring Sales

April 25, 2011

thumbs-up-girl-2 We are feeling pleasure to announce that we have received good response from customers all around the globe in response to our discounts offers for all our products. Now customers are placing larger quantity orders compare to the early times, so it has been proved that Discount strategy was a great decision. We invite more customers to please come and give us a chance to serve you. We welcome your suggestions, please let us know, how can we improve ourselves. We believe that our customers are our mentors.



We used to supply only Titanium made Surgical Instruments, and now we are also supplying Stainless Steel made Surgical Instruments. We are using reliable quality stainless steel grades in the manufacturing of Surgical Instruments, such as, J1 Steel, J2 Steel and Pakistan Steel. Our stainless steel made Surgical Instruments are 100% corrosion free and are manufactured 100% according to FDA Health and Safety regulations. Each instruments goes through strict quality control checking procedure and then finally enter into the process of packaging. Contact us for more details.


caution Important Note:
Global economy is becoming challenging day by day and consumers are becoming more cost conscious. Competition is greater than ever, more and more companies are now in the field and everybody claims to be the “Leading Manufacturer” which is obviously not true, both technically and logically. Buyers should be very careful in proceeding with such suppliers.


Happy New Year 2011!

We wish every body a happy new year and a lot of success. You and us, we all will grow together, more than ever. May God give us more strength to make a good progress. Amen!

In the beginning of new year, we are giving nice discounts on all wholesale orders. Please visit our website and select your favorite items and post us an inquiry. You will certainly get the best prices and reliable services. Like always, you can also submit your Target Prices, on the basis of order quantity. So, take an action Now!!!

It could be a good question, that despite of all global economical crisis and inflation, how can we offer discount prices, less prices than ever before? The answer is simple, because, we are expanding, we have more resources now then before and we’re producing products with better way, increasing productivity and reducing the cost and over head charges. So, have the benefit from our new offers. You are always welcome to suggest us, teach us and guide us about how can we become better, and what prices and services we should have to become ahead in the market. Your suggestions are precious for us.

We are looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.